Education Assistant

Brief Program Description

This diploma program is designed to help students to be members of an education team, supporting students with special and diverse learning needs from Kindergarten through Grade 12 in British
Columbia schools. Education Assistants assist elementary and high school teachers as they work with students who may require additional support, such as those with intellectual challenges, special behavioral needs, and limited English.

Career Occupation

Education Assistant NOC 4413

Admission Requirements

Following admission requirements will apply based on the status of candidates:

  • 19 years of age or older; Grade 12 or equivalent *
  • International Students โ€“ For Language proficiency IELTS 5.5 overall band or equivalent assessment

Program Duration

Hours of Instruction: 820 Hours
Weeks of Instruction: 41 Weeks (Without Breaks)
Total Program Duration: 1 Year

Delivery Method(s)

  • In-class instruction
  • Distance education
  • Combined delivery (both in-class and distance)

Program Fees :

Domestic Students International Students
Tuition โ€“ $7,950
Application Fee โ€“ $250
Textbooks โ€“ $800
Materials Fee – $250
Tuition โ€“ $12,500
Application Fee โ€“ $1000
Textbooks โ€“ $800
Materials Fee – $250

Program Organization

Following are the titles of the courses in this program and the hours of instruction allotted to each.

Title of Course # of Hours
Life Span of a school age child 60 Hours
Becoming a Teaching Assistant: A Guide for Teaching Assistants and Those Working with them 60 Hours
Behavior Aspects: Assessment & Support 60 Hours
Autism, Applied Behavior Analysis 60 Hours
Diversity & Special Needs โ€“ Prospective & Approaches 60 Hours
Technological Aspects of Education 1 – Collaborative Tools and education 60 Hours
Role of Assistive Technology in Fostering Inclusive Educations 60 Hours
Interpersonal & Intercultural Communication 60 Hours
Exceptional Students -Strategies to Support 60 Hours
Developing Resilient, Active and Flourishing Students 60 Hours
Language Development in Early Childhood Education 60 Hours
Practicum 160 Hours
Total 820 Hours